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The first fully automatic, fully adjustable crack climbing training machine.

Precision push button adjustment from 0.5" up to 4.5".  
User operated, quiet motion control, easy installation, low maintenance.



Built using an extruded aluminum frame.

Designed for ultimate lightweight durability, easily interchangeable parts, and rigidity no matter the set width of the crack nor the angle it’s mounted on.

sturdy frame


Durable, long lasting texture.

Textured panels can be easily removed for cleaning or replacement.


User operated, wall mounted control panel.

CyberCrack is equipped with a momentary power push-button to prevent accidental control and two additional buttons for opening and closing.

*An LCD screen to display the width of the crack will soon be available as an upgrade.

controller diagram

Easy Installation

Think of it like a high tech volume.

Mount with set screws and no-show brackets. 

A thin, single wire can be fed through t-nut holes to link units.

easy install diagram


Available in two sizes.

Use them on their own, or link them together.

Adjust linked units synchronously with a single controller, or individually with multiple controllers.

Plug and play up to 60ft of crack with a quick-connect wire.

configurations diagram


8ft length (actual 92”)
4ft length (actual 46”)

  • Anodized aluminum extrusion
  • Textured wood inner panels
  • HDPE outer panels
  • UHMWPE slides
  • Requires 120v power supply.
diagram of the two sizes available